Aggie Traditions & Trivia of Texas A&M University

Aggie Ring is not a type or brand of precious metal ring which is commercially sold in the market. Having this Ring is considered to be possessing much more than acquiring a precious metal ring because this is an honor for achievement given to the students of Texas A& M University once they are graduate.

Aggie’s traditions and trivia

The tradition of honoring with Texas A&M Ring was introduced quite a long time back in 1889 by Aggie Network, the alumni association of Texas A&M University. Aggie has many traditions and trivia like Pennies on Sully, Century Tree, Elephant Walk, and Class Rings with RingWraps. These are all meant for Texas A&M University students. Ringwraps are meticulously crafted Class Rings that are worn by the students. The Class Rings have different types for students of different class. Aggie has customized them in its own style. RingWraps are attachments to these Rings that can be separated from the Ring any time.

aggie ring

Ring traditions

Aggie, Texas A&M University Alumni Association, has Ring traditions such as Ring day and Ring Dance like other traditions. The Aggie Ring Day is momentous celebration for acceptance of Rings by Aggies on achieving an academic milestone. Ring Dance is last student time social function which is one of the oldest traditions in Texas A&M University existing since 1936. The seniors turn their Class Ring to face so avoid class year facing them.

Charm of Ring traditions

The unique A&M Ring traditions have charmed every student of this University in Texas. There is an excitement of finishing college studies, charm is in wearing this Ring because every component of the Ring symbolizes something and motivates a student, and the Ring encourages to face the world. Ring Dance is the celebration of wonderful days spend in the college. The traditions and trivia have ever given charm and strength to Texas A&M University students.