All about the University Of Texas Class Rings

Established in the year 1881, the University of Texas has grown to be one of the largest education hubs in the state of Texas. The university was founded so that it could provide with higher standards of education to the students of Texas and even until today, it is living up to its standards. Today, the University of Texas is one of the renowned universities in the world and has more than 50, 000 students passing out each year from its boundaries.

The UT Ring

The University of Texas has an honored tradition of providing its students with the UT class rings. This is a time-honored tradition that is being followed by the university. Here are the following things that you need to know about the University of Texas class rings:

ut rings

  1. The UT rings is a ring that links each of the graduates with their UT experience. The ring acts as an academic achievement that addresses the wearer as a proud Texas Ex.
  2. The ring is designated and made by the students of the University. Each of the rings is handcrafted for the students of the University.
  3. The ring is a proud badge of honor and is worn by the UT Alumni. The ring symbolizes the great achievements earned by the student during his/her time in the University.
  4. The university also holds a time-honored class ring ceremony for its students in a very special way. In the class ring ceremony, each of the students is given the ring by a senior University administrator.
  5. The seal of the ring can be found everywhere in the University. From the moment you set your foot on the campus, you can find all around you.

The UT ring tradition is a very special part of the University and its students.