All You Need To Know About Getting An ETA For Your Australia Visit!

A visa is an official authorisation which allows an individual to visit a foreign country. Visas appear in the form of a sticker which is put on the individual’s passport or some other travelling document. However,in some countries a person may possess a visa exempt passport, allowing them to travel to foreign countries without a visa. For such a person visiting Australia, it is mandatory to have an authorized ETA.

Application and procedure-

The first question that comes to our mind is- “what is an ETA?”

ETA or Electronic travel Authority is a document that is electronically linked to an individual’s passport. People from certain countries like USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Brunei, Canada and South Korea can visit Australia without a visa. However, the ETA is compulsory for them.

With the ETA the individual can stay in Australia for a continuous three months in atwelve-month period. This permit allows the person to enter the country for travel or business.

Australia eta

Things to keep in mind-

Even though obtaining an ETA permit is fairly easy there are some things which should be followed:

  • You must apply online for the ETA. Thus, it is necessary to be extra cautious while providing all your details and credit card number.
  • The ETA must be applied for as soon as you make plans to visit Australia. Even though the process does not take much time, it is always wise to keep some spare days at hand, should anything go wrong.
  • A person applying for Australia eta must pay a particular amount of money in exchange for the service. This amount is not refundable.

A word of caution-

The ETA once obtained, however, does not guarantee your entry into the country. The Australian Government has rights to bar your entry even if you have a valid permit.