Best Wireless Gaming Headsets for Diehard Gamers

Hyper X Cloud II has proved to be the best wireless gaming headset since a while, its unbeatable. The gamer has the most comfortable and durable experience with Cloud II. $100 is not a bad option when we talk about them. It has the unlimited sensation, any other headset can’t even trespass the quality it offers.


It has high quality cable which could be twisted in any direction, flexible mic making it unbreakable to some extent, but at least better than other headphones. Quality speakers make it the best gaming headset, it won’t out your ears.

best gaming headset

Outstanding comfort

Cloud II is amazingly comfortable and makes it stand out from the rest. It has 100% memory foam, relaxing ears when you sit endlessly in front of the screen. The earcups are offered in two qualities, leatherette and velour which allows the airy sound or isolated version; whichever is preferred. With best quality earcups and adjustable headband, Cloud II makes it best for you.

Quality Sound Showbox

This headset is god for games but also works well for movies and music. It isolates the voice and separate inner voice and airy sounds. It has strong bass but little lack in soundstage size. It has USB sound card  and noise and echo cancellation for microphone which avoids any interference from the machine, it also produces 7.1 virtual surround sound. Even if you don’t have USB sound card then Cloud II can also work 3.5mm jack machines.


It comes up in two different colours—black and red gunmental model. It could be used as normal headphones as it contains detachable mic. The frame is made up of aluminium, best quality cables and earcup covers. Additionally, Kingston has built up cushion case which could be used on gaming sessions and mobiles.

We consider Cloud II to be the ultimate gaming headset with supreme quality arrangement and sound. $100 is justified here.