Blending Design and Style with Modern Abaya UK

There is a dress code for every religion. When it comes to Islam, the women of the community traditionally dress quite modest. Abaya is a sort of conservative clothing that Muslim women wear. However, being conservative, it doesn’t necessarily lack lustre. With modern styles and design, women can showcase their personal style while staying true to their religion and belief.

If you are not aware of what the attire is, it is basically a robe that fits loosely and has long sleeves. Women wear it over their regular clothing. Generally, it is paired with a head scarf known as hijab or burqa

Different types of colours

Generally, these robes are all coloured black. It is the colour that a lot of Muslims tend to prefer. However, when you buy abaya online, there are other colour options available. Other colours are alright if it doesn’t attract unwanted attention. Usually, earthy colours are more preferable over bold tones. Even printed fabrics are available apart from solid colours.

Choices of fabric with abaya

These clothes are made of different types of light fabric. These include cotton, chiffon, crepe, rayon and georgette silk. If you prefer rich and luxurious fabrics, chiffon and silk provide the best looks.

Styling and fitting

The robe covers the entire arm length. So, the length is more or less constant in all the clothing. However, these days, there are different shapes in which these sleeves are available. There is an entire range of luxurious as well as basic designs.

Most of Abaya UK are straight fit, from top to bottom. However, there are a few fitted and lower and higher waist. These can be stitched in that style. There can also be a separate belt or sash for fitting around the waist. Even designs with a flare fit and high collars are available as well.