Chord Progression Guidelines For Songwriters

When it comes to writing a good song almost all the songwriters look for something new and unique. They look for something that will really click in the minds of the people. The chord progression in a sing is considered to be the most important aspect. The interesting thing about chord progression is that when it is done well, it can make a song extremely satisfying but no one ever notices it. But however, when it is done poorly, it can turn out to be the most glaring mistake that could actually ruin a song completely. For the ones who face trouble with chord progression can use a chord progression generator for help.

Guidelines to be followed- Some of the important guidelines that the songwriters need to be followed include:

  1. The chord progression of your song needs to have a harmonic goal. To put it simply, if you are writing your song in A major then the chords will work to make the chord A sound like the tonic.


  1. Fragile progressions are the ones where the intended key is not being indicated by the chords chosen by you.


  1. The most common chord in a progression is usually the tonic chord. The next popular chord is the V-chord and then comes the IV, vi and ii chords. The chords that are used the least are the chord iii and vii.


  1. If you want to make your chord progression more unique then you need to use diatonic chords the first option and then the altered chords as your second option.

Few tips:

  1. For help, you can also use the best music theory app.


  1. If you face troubles with chord progression while working with your piano then you can use the chord progression generator to generate piano chord progressions.

To conclude we can state that chord progression is important when it comes to writing a song and it may need you a little practice to get it right.