Different types of Abaya fabrics

Abaya is a piece of clothing that is worn by the Muslim women especially in the Arab countries. It is a kind of veil that will cover a woman from top to toe and is available in various patterns and style. One can also customize it if they want to like adding zips or a pocket. You can wear it for both for casual and formal purposes. Abaya will make you look effortlessly stylish but feeling comfortable inside is also important and hence fabric is the key point that you should keep in mind while browsing through abaya online.


  • Lexus: Lexus is a material that is woven and will feel soft when taken in hands and it has the nice drape quality with a matte finish.


  • Nidha: If you’re looking for a luxury as and soft fabric that is slightly on the expensive side then this is the right fabric for you. The quality of nidha will vary according to the price so you will have to spend more to get the better one.


  • Jersey: If you’re looking for a fabric that has the stretchiness in it with a beautiful quality of drape then jersey is the right pick for you. It is mainly used in making an abaya with fitted sleeves.


  • Chiffon: Chiffon is one of the softest and lightweight fabrics that is going to give you an abaya with free-flowing nature and is definitely going to make you comfortable.


  • Satin: If you are looking for a slippery and soft material with the shiny finish then this is the right fabric.


This is an overview which will definitely help you in making your purchase from abaya UK. The budget will also determine the quality of the fabric so do not compromise on the quality.