Explore The History of the UT Class Rings

The University of Texas was founded in the year 1881. The University was actually established with the objective of meeting the demands for higher education standards in Texas. The University had a very humble beginning in the first year when it had around only 220 students in its campus. However, over the years the University has grown to be a fantastic learning ground for the students of Texas.

The University of Texas has this tradition of providing its students with a ring which they named it as UT rings. This ring is provided to every student of the University and today, in this particular article we are going to explore the rich history behind it.

The History Behind The UT Class Rings

UT rings

The UT class ring is designed by the students if the University itself. It holds a very special place in each of the student’s heart. The University is known to have a partnership with the central Texas artisans located in Balfour who helps in crafting of these rings that are provided to the students.

It was back in the year 1927 when the first batch of the seniors bought the ring. The ring was originally designed by Mrs. Darell Jackson who holds the position of a technician in the Zoology Department. She designed a ring which was crafted in ten karats of gold and had a precious garnet stone. However, over the years the ring has changed a lot.

This University of Texas class ring actually symbolizes the lifelong connection of the students with the University which is why it is so dear to all the students and also for the University.

This tradition of providing rings to the students which are followed in the University of Texas is considered to be the special way of treasuring the bond between the students and the University.