Finding the Suitable Tankless Hot Water Heater

Taking a hot water bath is something most of us love. But earlier, it was hard for people to get instant hot water. They had to wait until the water gets hot and fills in the water heater with a tank. Thanks to the tankless hot water heater. It is an innovation that truly saves us a lot of time. Of course, it saves energy as well. The reason is that it will not have to wait until the tank gets filled. Are you thinking about shopping for a suitable water heater without a tank? If so, here are some tips to help you out:

Do not forget to measure the efficiency:

Nowadays, the Department of Energy in the United States uses EnergyStar rating. The idea is to help customers find the best appliances. It holds true for water heaters as well. Such an energy-star rated appliance will help you save on your utility expenses. The tankless water heaters that function on electricity are rated .99-energy efficiency. Those functioning as gas heaters are rated at .80-energy efficiency. The difference is because of the loss of heat that happens in the combustion process in the case of gas burners. When you take the case of water heaters with a tank, you will find them with even lower efficiency rating.

Consider the cost of electricity in your area:

If you are from an area with competitive electricity charges, you should consider the long-term cost when choosing the best tankless water heater. Even, if this is the case, you can go for a gas-based tankless water heater. The reason is that gas-based units can produce enough hot water if you live in a large home.


Do you know that electric tankless models can produce a flow of just 2-5 gallons per minute of hot water? When you take the case of gas-based models, they can produce about 9-13 gallons of hot water per minute. The best idea here is to use multiple units so that you can customize the selection based on your needs.