Line of Demarcation between Traditional & Trendy Abayas

Traditions have changed over years and style of apparels have also changed. Even dress codes fixed by dominants of orthodox cultures have taken a new look. This is a time trend that never stops. As new generation supersede past generation, there is always a new interest and an urge to get something new. This is one of the reasons for intense growth of fashion industry, and especially apparels industry. There is a marked line between tradition and trend that create innovations and instigate new generation to modify the trend set by their predecessors. This is a perpetual process that never stops and results in advent of trends for ever.

Emerging trend in abayas

Abaya, a traditional dress of Muslim women in Arabian and North African culture is the best example of emerging trend. The dress code of this Arabian outfit was set long years back when orthodox leaders in Muslim culture viewed women from different perspective and they were absolutely against exposure of their body parts.

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Muslim woman in old times was considered as a commodity and a private property of men and they didn’t expect any other man to have an eye on their woman. Black color abayas were like a blackout so that no one could be enticed by woman’s beauty. Women’s lib has changed this thinking. Women are not simply housewives in modern time and they have progressed in many fields. The concept of working women has caused apparel trend to change.

Trendy abayas

Women don’t find convenience to go to workplace in a black abaya and this has resulted in new trend of open abaya which is quite different from its traditional counterpart. Open abayas are trendy, colorful, and are available in styles. You can also buy multiple designs of this abaya online. Open abayas have drawn a line of demarcation between tradition and trend and use of black abayas is fading away.