Tips on solving crossword answers

In order to find crossword puzzle answers you first need to know all the tips that can help you solve the clues. Here are some of the tips that can help you improve your crossword quiz answers:

crossword puzzle answers

  1. Go for fill in the blanks clues first: you will get two or more in every crossword and these are easily spotted. They are with blanks that can help you solve it quick. Attempting it at the start will give you a positive motivation.
  2. Attend the small word answers first: you will find very few words that come up in these columns these are mainly three, four and five lettered words. They are mostly repetitive and you can memorize them so as to solve the crossword faster.
  3. Follow your instincts: if you are guessing some answers then jot it down with a pencil. Then you can be sure at the end and then write it down finally.
  4. Don’t conclude quickly: there are similar English words having the same spelling but actually mean different things. Take some time to go through the clues and then come up with different words. Once you have many options you can go through each word to know its meaning and then conclude. In order to complete the crossword doesn’t conclude fast.
  5. Take time out: in case you are stuck with the cross word and not finding any way out, then taking some time out will give you a clear mindset. This way you can again come back and work with the crossword again.
  6. Take up references: well it’s not exactly cheating. You are just looking up for answers from the crossword puzzle solver which will help you give a vision to your solving of crossword. You can also search for encyclopedia and dictionary for references.