Types of Australian visas

Australia is considered to be hypnotizing continent and is one of the hottest destinations among the tourist. This place is the home of many tourists and hence the vacation spend in Australia are not only mind-blowing but is surely going to captivate your sight.

  • Instant tourist visa: This kind of visa will get issued within a period of 3 to 12 months which will be provided by the immigration department of Australia. The nature of the visa will depend on your motive for the visit. This kind of visas is issued to people who are interested in coming to a country for their business purpose or as a tourist. Apart from visa, it is very important for the visitors to have a valid passport and should also have the Australian ETA that is also known as the Electronic Travel Authority. The visa of ETA will electronically get linked to your passport for a certain

visa australia

  • Working holiday‚Äôs visa: If you are within 18 to 30 years old and want to travel to Australia then you will have to issue for this visa. It is particularly made for the travellers who want to explore the place.
  • Business visa: If you are thinking of growing a business in Australia or have been transferred by a company to conduct some business operations in that place then you will be given this visa.
  • Skilled migration: If you want to migrate to this place permanently then you will have to get this.

It is very important for a person to apply for the visa Australia application properly or it will get rejected. If you are applying for Australia eta, make sure you are having enough time in your hand so that you can wait till it is sanctioned. One should know what kind of visa they should be opting for before visiting a new place.