Validity of Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) Document

Some countries allow facility to the passport holders of some foreign travelers to their country to obtain Electronic Travel Authority instead of visa endorsement for short-stay tourism or business visit. Many people are not familiar with this type of documentation for their foreign travel but this is better option over visa processing, if you meet the eligibility criteria. Australia is one of the countries that have electronic travel authorization scheme for short-term foreign tourists or business visitors.

About ETA document

ETA is document similar like visa endorsement but not a visa and includes details like your family name, given name, passport number, its date of issue and expiry, country of passport, nationality, your signature, name of issuing authority, and a specific document number. This document authorizes you to stay but not work in the country of issue for up to specific number of days. You must hold this document for your valid entry in the country of issue.

Australia eta

Australia ETA validity elaborated

The rules for ETA issuance are not uniform for all countries that issue this document to their foreign visitors and you can check them from their respective website. Australia ETA also have certain conditions and you must know the activities that you can and can’t perform while you are in this country. Your ETA has validity period of 12 months from the date of its issue and that allows you to enter and leave this country as many times as you wish or until the expiry date of your passport, whichever is earlier. But your stay in this country during your each visit cannot exceed three months at a time. During these three months, you can stay as a tourist, perform specified business activities, or study in some course not more than of three months’ duration. This is very important to keep your ETA document effective for the total period of its official validity.