Why Professional Service Is Apt for Patient’s Home Care

Home care industry is fast progressing in the United States and is government regulated in each state. This industry deals with Medicare reimbursements. The concept of home care is popular in this country and is known by some other names like hospice care, in-home care, and home health care. These terms are interchangeably used for same type of skilled care provided by professional healthcare services in home environment, may be own or home of a family member or friend. Home care providing professionals are licensed and certified, and the services like Standards Home Health that employ these professionals have also licensed business. They are trained to be fully conversant with needs of different categories of patients.

Home care categories

The terms home care in not just restricted to patient’s care in his or her home but it has extensive functions. Thus, home care activities are broadly divided into two categories; Activities of daily living (ADL) that include dressing, bathing, using the toilet, assisting in eating and walking, and more activities that depict the capacity of patient for self-care. Instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) include activities like preparing meals for a patient, assisting patient in carrying out every day activities, providing companionship, assisting patient to medical visits, helping patient in shopping, and other activities for which a family member is needed. Standardshomehealth.com has details of all activities for which their home health care staff is trained.

Why professional service is needed for home care

Professional home health care is a formal care. In United States, most home care is informal because family members and friends are mostly engaged in provided substantial care to the patient but this is sometimes not feasible due to non-availability of family members or friends and patient may need very specific care like a kind of therapy which can be provided by the experts only. In such case, home health care is the best.